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How do I activate Quest for Vault 87?

Been to Lamplight. Rescued the kids. Spoken to everyone. Neither McCready or Princess give me an option to enter the vault or talk to Joseph to turn on the power to open the powerless door. Have I missed something to activate this quest?


eXo0nEcRoMaNcEr answered:

*******POSSIBLE SPOILERS*************

You have to go through the story, right around saving your dad from the simulation.
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ReedMan33 answered:

You must play the main story line, eventually dad will ask you to go get the GECK, which is in Vault 87
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shadow097654 answered:

In the main story, after the mission where the enclave take over project purity, you enter the citadel where a new story mission appears. You have to go to scribe Rothworth I believe and he will tell you to go to the archives and check what vault has the g.e.c.k. then go back to the scribe and talk to him where he will tell you the location of vault 87 and he will tell you to go to lamplight. Then in lamplight, save before you get to the gates and keep on loading the game if you fail the speech check given to let you in without saving the 2 kids from slaves. When you get in, talk to the kid right away before he disappears into the caves. Keep on talking about how to get to the vault and there will be a choice asking him to open the gate to the vault. Then follow him to the gate but 2 kids have to open it so wait a little. Then get through the pass and you should get to the vault. Watch out though, the pass have a lot of traps and a couple super mutants.
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