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Can I refine wild punga fruit?

In The Pitt add-on, are you able to refine the wild punga fruit growing everywhere?

feartheflame provided additional details:

a yes, my mistake, Point Lookout


Darknesse13 answered:

First off Punga fruit is from Point Lookout not The Pitt. Second I do not believe that you can.
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Wandrian answered:

Punga fruit can't be refined. I recommend using RadAway instead. It's more effective than even refined Punga with the Punga Power! perk is, and it's weightless. But if you want refined Pungas for roleplay, I suggest just buying them. There are lots of refined Pungas in the Ark & Dove Cathedral(unlocked as part of Point Lookout's main quest), but they don't respawn.
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