Question from PredawnFlunky

Asked: 4 years ago

Shooting glitch?

When i enter my pip-boy and leave i shoot instantly... the same happens when i jump or reload. it is my controller or its just an annoying glitch ??

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that has never happened to me I think its just your controller D:

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Most likely it is your controller. I've never had that glitch happen amongst the dozens of others I've experienced, nor have I heard of such a glitch before. There's a chance it's your game, but it's probably your controller.

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I have had this glitch before once after I had been playing for about 12 hrs non-stop. I had to reload a previous game and it stopped. It happened to me when i first started Operation: Anchorage. Just reload a previous game and it should stop. My reload file was only 5 min before it started to happen.

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