Question from Kilo6Charlie

Dogmeat seems to have infinite health?

seriously... i play on normal to hard difficulties and I've NEVER seen Dogmeat anywhere NEAR even HALF health... i even let him go 1 on 1 with a Deathclaw and still near full health... tried it again with a Super Mutant Overlord and still... almost no health decline... i'm not complaining... because this is awesome... but is it some glitch my GOTY edition has or something?


Wandrian answered:

It's part of Broken Steel, no one knows if it's intended or an error on the programmers' part.

Creatures level up with the player when you have Broken Steel. This is applied to Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 as well. Dogmeat and Fawkes gain 500 HP every time you level up, RL-3 a little bit less.
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usernamej13 answered:

I've noticed that too. However, during battle, Dogmeat (or any other follower) will actually take some damage. It's only after the encounter is over that their health will instantly regenerate. I don't think it's a glitch, just poor, yet highly useful design.
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Wandrian answered:

Actually, that's something else. Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 are blessed with a crapload of health for anyone that has Broken Steel(+500 HP every time you level up).

Followers always regenerate their HP completely after a battle ends near them. A "battle" could be anything from a single bloatfly being killed to clearing out Old Olney completely. As long as it's not a battle involving factions that aren't hostile to you, they'll recover 100% of their HP.

You can also give followers stimpaks and they'll rarely use them, of use a stimpak on Dogmeat directly.
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Game-Helper answered:

No dog meat does NOT have infinite health, just as Wandrian stated, each follower you have levels up around 500 experience. With an excepton of: Butch, Jericho, And Clover are all that i know who DON'T lvl up 500 experience.

- Game-Helper
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