Question from Cruefan7

How can I get out of this room?

I walked into Flak and Shrapnel's room in Rivet City when it was open and then the door closed behind me and the lock is too high a skill level and there is no way out of the room, any suggestions?

Cruefan7 provided additional details:

I did this and it didn't work, except know some little girl is stuck in the room with me and she can't get out either and i'm just waiting it out now. But I still can't get out.


DentistKrentist answered:

The same thing happened to me. I just kept resting once per hour until one of them opened the door. However, you might have to rest, and then just stand there for a few minutes for them to open the door.
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VIX419 answered:

As was said, someone will eventually open the door for you.
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LKNdustin answered:

TC, did you finally get out? I'm in the same position, have been in this room for 4 game days. I'm going insane.
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garaak answered:

If your trapped in the room with someone just comit a crime and they will open the door. then you just gotta run like crazy to avoid a gaurd killing you.
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ant5591 answered:

I'm in the same situation. i tried every solution and none are working. that stupid little girl doesnt open the door for me and no one else has come in the room so i cant even commit a crime to get kicked out. someone help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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flex693 answered:

I was trapped in the room w/the little girl and the door open. Flak came in and closed the door. I had to lock pick it to get out and when I did everyone started shooting at me (I ended up killing flak and obannon.
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MiguelisHxC answered:

I just recently got out, I was stuck in there with a regular save of 5 hours and 32 minutes played but when I was in rivet city I had 8 hours and 52 minutes on autosave so I could not just go back or delete. It was terrible. I was talking to my self and the little girl kept creeping up and saying hi. All you have to do is remember the date and time you got trapped, wait an entire week, 24 hours each time if best ( I didn't do it because I was experimenting) and he shrapnel will appear in the room and open the door again!
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residentteville answered:

I pickpocketed flak for his key. But then he just walked out of the room and I followed him out. Try pick pocketing his key when he's in the room and see if it works on the door.
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