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What's the best weapon/ apparel in the game?

What are they and how do I get them?

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kenmorebrian answered:

Best apparel is either the T-51b power armor or the Reilly's Rangers armor, depending on whether you want to go normal armor or power armor.

Best weapon depends on what you fight. The Alien Blaster does lots of damage but has very limitied ammo. Early in the game using Sneak with the Hunting Rifle is your best bet. Later, the Combat Shotgun (or it's upgrade) is probably the best for indoors work and the Reservist Rifle (if you can find it) is best for outdoors.

By enemy:
Super Mutants: Xuanlong/Chinese Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun or Scoped .44
Raiders: Combat Shotgun
Ghouls: Combat Shotgun
Enclave: Scoped .44 or Plasma Rifle
DeathClaw: Minigun
Radscorpions: Assault Rifle
Mirelurks: Combat Shotgun (or mines, if you have room to run)
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Seanyboi789 answered:

The best weapon is the alien blaster you can find that north of the power station next minefield, it's in a crashed space ship, you should pick up radiation when you get close. I think the best apparel is the T5-1b armor but i'm not too sure where you get it.
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elauka answered:

No idea about the armor but the best weapons i know of are

1.The Alien Blaster
2.The Terrible Shotgun
3.Lincoln's Repeater
4.Expermintal MIRV

To find them just watch the IGN stragitize vids (srry i cant post link)
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G4RR3N answered:

Apparel:T5-b1 Power Armor which is aquired in the quest You gotta shoot 'em in the head from Mr.Crowley in the Underworld. Medic Power Armor which is in the Old Olney sewers....The Amror talks and warns you if there is an enemy near.Tesla Power Armor..... Enclave..........Colonel Autumns outfit.......It looks cool.

Weapons:Colonel Autumns Laser pistol..Full automatic and does lots of damage.....Experimental MIRV.......National Gurad Depot and Keller Transcripts which are scattered across the wastleand(to find Locations go here : Keller Family Transcript - Fallout Wiki - The Vault........Shoots 8 mini nukes at a time no more no less......enough said......Alien Blaster/Firelance...Regualr Alien Blaster is at the MDPL-13 power station just follow those antenna things north until you find the ship.......Fielance is based on complete luck but unlike the regular Alien Blaster it lights your enemies on fire........A3-21's Plasma Rifle....The Replicates Man quest talk to Harkness.......Blackhawk..perfect condition Scoped .44
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