Question from zero7741

Where can I find a second mesmetron?

I read the questions on here about the mesmetron because I somehow lost the first one. Two people said I could buy another from the slaver guy at paradise falls but i can't seem to get him to sell me another. Anyone know how to do this or if it's really possible?

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Wandrian answered:

There's only one Mesmetron, period. You can buy more ammo for it from Grouse at the entrance to Paradise Falls, but that's it.
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xNightCrestx answered:

If you download the Point Lookout DLC, you can find something called a "Microwave Emitter" It looks just like the Mesmetron and uses the same ammo so I would assume it has the same abilities but I haven't confirmed it.
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Wandrian answered:

Nope. The Microwave Emitter only looks like and shares the same attack animation as the Mesmeron. It's a different weapon with moderate power that ignores enemy armor and is powered by Microfusion Cells.

You can, however, find more Mesmtron ammo in the same place you find the Microwave Emitter. No, I don't think it makes any sense either.
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