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Re-obtaining Sergeant RL-3?

When I got abducted by the enclave in a late story quest I lost all my allies, I could find dog meat and paladin cross but i cant find Sergeant RL-3. I loaded a previous save file and made him quit to see were he goes, he said cantaburry commons, but when I go there, I cant find him anywhere. Where does he go?

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Thanks Wandrian Wvlf, I found him there, but every time I go there he is hostile. I've gone many times at many times of day and he is always attacking merchants or townsfolk. How do i get him back?


Wandrian answered:

He should be there near a tree at the south end of Canterbury. He'll usually be on the opposite side as the caravans stop at.
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Wandrian answered:

Go somewhere away from Canterbury Commons(preferably somewhere you can't even see any of the town from) and choose to Wait for 72 hours. All hostilities should be gone, it works in every settlement except Paradise Falls too.

If that doesn't work? Either reload a previous save or help him slaughter the townsfolk. There's nothing important there after you've cleared the Superhuman Gambit quest and the caravans have a nasty habit of getting killed after a certain point in the main quest anyways, so it won't be a huge loss.
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