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Where can I find the contents from the safe in the terminal on mothership zeta?

There's a terminal in Mothership Zeta in room with the conveyor belt that once you hack there is some files and you can unlock a safe. But where's the safe?

killallnite42 provided additional details:

Can i get back there if i beat the quest already? I know i can get back to the ship but can i get back there that far?


Wandrian answered:

The safe should be around the waste disposal chute(the on garbage is randomly going down) near the southeast part of the map. Have fun with Novasurge :)
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Wandrian answered:

Aw. Unfortunately, Zeta gives you that big slap in the face when you enter the Death Ray Hub: the majority of the ship is locked down. This includes the Cargo Hold that contains Novasurge :(

Your only options are to do it again with a new character(while using a guide/walkthrough to ensure you don't miss anything) or to load an earlier save before you've entered the Death Ray Hub.
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