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How do I beat super msutant overlords?

I got the game of a year edition from my friend and i got all DLC and i get theese random super mutant overlords popping up all over the place i need to use TWO nukes to kill them hwo do i beat them easily!!??? Any help would be apprecieated

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ugh horrible spelling sry :D

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Umm where is jack?

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oh you mean jack the ripper?i have that but its SO HARD to find other rippers and i dont liek buying stuff unless its a required repair weapon anyways thanks for the help maybe something different and all the times i encounter them they have about 5 super mutant masters i launch my MIRV at them super mutant over lord is still alive and spots me and kills me i dont like getting up close to supermutants :/ so another gun? maybe?

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ok this has gone on a long time but i found my answer the Disruptor from mothership zeta i got it and i kill a overlord inda quick but i got killed by raiders because i had 12 health how do you thnk would be a good way to use it against him?

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Wandrian answered:

If you want to take out overlords from afar, some recommended weapons...

Dart Gun: Obvious lacking in power, but it lets you escape should wrose coome to worst!

Gauss Rifle(Opertaion Anchorage DLC): The sniper option. 100 power, Energy Weapon, reloads after every shot, will knock them off their feet if you get a critical hit.

MPLX Novasurge(Mothership Zeta DLC): Not as powerful as alien Blaster or Firelance, but much easier to work with due to easy availability of ammo and spare parts.

Firelance: Guaranteed critical hits dealing up as much as ~400 damage with a single headshot. Weaker than Alien Blaster if you lack the Pyromaniac perk, stronger than it if you're a Pyromaniac. Difficult to acquire, keep repaired, and find ammo for :(

Alien Blaster: Easier to acquire than Firelance, but the ammo and repairing it are still a pain :(
Vengeance: Yeah, it kills stuff fast. Max out your Big Guns skill for crazy amounts of power.

Atomic Pulverizer(Zeta DLC): Use it's low AP cost to break an overlord's weapon or cripple their right arm/head rapidly while minimizing damage you take.
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Dreadsword101 answered:

Use Jack with 10 Luck,100 Melee Weapons, Finesse, Superior Defender, Ghoul Ecology,Better Criticals, and Bloody Mess, and this weapon can kill regular super mutants in less than 1 second, brutes in 1 second, raiders in less than 1 second, deathclaws in 2 seconds,and overlords in 4. It also does even more damage if you use sneak attack criticals.
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Dreadsword101 answered:

Here is more info and the location of the weapon.

ht tp://

(unspace between the two "t" letters)
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Ragoy answered:

Yeah, I prefer not to get too close to them either. My weapon of choice is usually Vengeance (also found in the deathclaw sanctuary) Dont bother with VATS, just unload directly at the overlord and dont let up until the heath bar is depleted. Tossing a Nuka Grenade or a bottlecap mine as you back off can buy you a bit of time too.
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SavenRain answered:

Be aware that overlords are IMMENSELY strong and is very defensive as well.
If you have too much trouble with him dropping your hp try shooting his weapon off
Then aim for the head it does great dmg.
Also try dropping mines because, they, are very persistent into kicking your as.
But like me i use a regular sword and
if they have gun, swing around in circles while slashing he can't shoot you.
and when they limp bust them in head and well help goes.
Get a follower. Try Fawkes because he's the strongest, and as far as the most helpful.
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