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What's up with the dialogue?

when i had to ask Doctor Li about dad and

sp4rt4n150 provided additional details:

..."Project purity", she just asks if I have anything specific to talk about, and the Robobrain in vault 112 says it cant talk to me and wont give me the vault 112 suit I need


Wandrian answered:

If you've already entered Vault 112, there's no use in talking to Doctor Li right now so don't worry about it.

Robobrain not giving you a Vault 112 Jumpsuit? You're probably talking to the wrong one. The one nearest the entrance gives you the jumpsuits.
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sp4rt4n150 answered:

ive talked to both. I just tried again. "I'm sorry but, I am not at liberty to chat right now."
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Blitzerspike answered:

The Robo-Brain usually automatically gives you the Jumpsuit as you enter when it says that you are over 200 years late. If it hasn't given you one, it could be a glitch
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geaneral77 answered:

I've went in without the vault 112 jumpsuit on although he did give it to me.
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ReedMan33 answered:

You dont need the jumpsuit from that robobrain. i cant recall if you need good lockpick skill but inside the actual vault is a small room with some lockers and random stuff on tables. on a table there appears to be nothing but when you go over to it it gives the option to take a Vault 112 Jumpsuit (its not considered stealing). my game messed up at this point too and that is how i did it.
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