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Rothchild won't move?

I'm in the citadel and i've accessed the pre-war computer that tells you about vault 87 and then i found rothchild and he keeps saying 'follow me, i'll show you what i can about vault 87' but he's not moving anywhere, i literally grenaded and pushed him out of his room into the main lab but he isn't walking. Is there a solution to this? Also if there isn't then where will he lead you so i can maybe just head there and see what he would have shown me anyway. Thanks


lathandien answered:

Go to the last save point you have, and try and get back to him.
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revtoken answered:

I left and tied up some other loose ends I had (trading Sugar bombs, and Sheet Metal). When I went back, he was where I needed him to be.
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JonathanCooleen answered:

I had this problem too, only it was far worse, seeing as the map itself wasn't present. I knocked him out (Bare in mind that I had the stealh armor from the Anchorage add-on) and dragged him to where the map was after viewing a youtube video on where the map was suppose to be. When I did, he stood, sent to the 'Map' and told me where I had to go.

Had a similar instance with James at Waters of Life.
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