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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the best unarmed weapon?

The unarmed weapon I'm using is a crappy spiked knuckles. What's the best UNARMED weapon and where is it? I know a lot of people say the deathclaw gauntlet is the best, but I feel there's something better out there.

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From: Wandrian 4 years ago

There are three options here.

A: Deathclaw Gauntlet. It has good damage, ignores enemy defense, and has a crazy critical chance multiplier of x5.
B: Fisto!. Slightly higher base damage, it's a little bit easier to repair.
C: Plunkett's Valid Points. Its base damage is lower, but it has a really low AP cost so it's awesome in VATS; devastating with Paralyzing Palm.

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*slaps forehead*


Deathclaw Gauntlet: Get the schematics and parts to build it. Requires a Deathclaw Hand(guess where you get those!), Leather Belt, Medical Brace, and Wonderglue. Get the schematics from a camper at F. Scott Key Trail, as a reward from Bannon for getting him onto Rivet City's council, from a random encounter, via the Warmonger perk(from Broken Steel), or get a single Deathclaw Gauntlet in the Pitt DLC from John Bear.

Fisto!: On a desk on the upper part of MDPL-13 Power Station.

Plunkett's Valid Points: On the corpse of Junders Plunkett, who appears in the Arlington House in Arlington Cemetery...but only if you have the Lawbringer perk.

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