Question from sikiji72000

Merchants dead, how do i get his schematics?

Doc Hoff died somewhere but i can't find his body. I tried killing his cow but all it has is steak. Were can i likely find his body, and will that enable me to get the schematics? Or am i just screwed?

bluedragon619 asked for clarification:

Have you tried going to the source of his Inventory at Canterbery Commons? All the merchants have lockers there and I think you can break into them


animelover99 answered:

After you kill him you have to get his inventory key for his bramin(cow) then you go to the bramin and you have the key it will open to his inventory then you get schematics. Look all aroung his bramin or the area for his body. If you find any limbs or chucky meaty looking pieces on the ground check them it might be part of his body then you can get the inventory key. You might just be screwed tho if so remeber this for future merchants you kill
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Stormraven40 answered:

The best bet is to follow another merchant across his ENTIRE route. Since they all travel the same path, you will likely come across the point where Hoff was attacked. The problem is that the body has probably disappeared by not. If that happened, you need to find another copy of the schematics. You can easily find their locations on the internet.
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sshina025 answered:

u might just be S.O.L, do the nuka-cola challenge and u can get the schematics though. sorry
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