Question from woobadeshnar

How do you use the tesla armor?

Also how do i get to vault 87 from little lampcamp?


Dreadsword101 answered:

Tesla armor: Just get the ****ing Power Armor Training perk! You can get this perk as a part of the main quest line or you can complete the O:A DLC.

LLL: There are a few ways to get into LLL...

1. Use Child at Heart.

2. Pass a speech check.

3. Get the kids out of PF (Does not matter which way you do it. You can either kill all of the slavers, buy the kids, or sneak them out of PF). It really depends on what playthrough you are doing right now.

If you mean you already are in LLL and want to get into Vault 87 from there. Then just play through some of the main questline and it will give you the option to ask the kids about Vault 87.
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AsianBob answered:

There are 2 ways to do this.
1: Follow the storyling until you get into citidale. you will talk to a guy who gives you the power armour training.
2: this way you can do it anytime, and it wont screw up the story line, but its a glitch. it is too confusing to explain so heres a video on youtube. I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO IN ANY WAY.
Once you get the training perk you can wear the telsa armour.
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elvampire666 answered:

There is a way to get in the citadale early it is a glitch you can find the walkthru on youtube its is to the right near the big bridge and there is a high chance in you getting lost during the glitch i barley started the game havent even started looking for dad yet and i already am in power armor.
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Cyberslam8 answered:

Tesla Armor is a special kind of armor called "Power Armor". It can only be worn if you get the Power Armor Training perk. To get this, simply run through the main quest until you gain access to the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel. After you're given the quest to go to Vault 87 there, you can ask the Brotherhood of Steel leader (whose name escapes me) for power armor training. He'll direct you to one of his paladins who will then give you the ability to use Tesla Armor as well as all other power armor.

Now, you have to gain access to Little Lamplight through diplomacy, because you're not able to kill kids in this game unfortunately. If you don't have the Child at Heart perk, or a high enough speech skill to convince them to let you in, you can rescue two of their friends from the Slaver base of Paradise Falls.
There are several ways to rescue the kids, you can buy them from the Slavers (It'll cost you 2,000 caps without a good speech skill), break them out by stealing the keys to their cell (you better be prepared to fight, these kids have no sense of stealth), or my personal favorite, liberate all the slaves in the camp by killing every single slaver there. XD
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