Question from homegrown421

Where can I find the terminal described in the "Note for Ted"?

Its a note I picked up but forgot where I picked it up. The note is called "Note for Ted". In the note it explains a stash that is hidden and accessing a terminal with a password something to do with Nuka-Cola. Where is this terminal and that stash?


tharealg94 answered:

For starters, what exactally does the note say? if you dont know where u picked it up you probably wont find too many people able to help you out. id try combing the nuka cola plant first and once you've checked EVERY SINGLE ROOM/BOX/SAFE/DESK/ EVERY FREAKING THING IN THE WHOLE DAM PLACE id talk to the chick in girdersade? i thnk is how you spell it about the nuka cola quest thing. like i said though without knowing exactally what the note says and where you got it from you're not gonna get a whole lot of help with this question...
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sanchienardos answered:

The note is a clue to check behind the Nuka vending machine near ted's body. It accesses the terminal in the same room which has another clue about finding the door component in the safe in the room next door. The door component opens the door in the tunnels beneath the anchorage memorial where you find a unique weapon.
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