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What should i do?

Ok, i want to be the best ninja the wastes have ever seen. im talkin about sneaking up behind a guy and punching him in his face without even knowing what happened. im starting a new character and i want to know what you all think is the best special stats for me to pick along with the best stats i should raise (melee, unarmed, and sneak are no brainers) and perks, what should i should i do??


Stormraven40 answered:

Perk-wise: Iron Fist (+5 unarmed)
Mister Sandman (allows you to assassinate sleeping people)
Silent Running (running + armor weight doesnt effect sneaking)
Light Step (traps will not be set off)
Ninja ( +15% critical chance w/ melee + unarmed weapons,
+25% damage with sneak attack criticals)
Paralyzing Palm (paralyze opponent w/ unarmed attack)
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