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I accidentally killed Mister Tenpenny at tenpenny tower it gave me good karma. For the quest with the ghouls trying to get into tenpenny tower is there still a way to beat this quest with Tenpenny dead.


Nasake answered:

Yes If I remember correctly, you still have an option to open up the basement so the ghouls can rain Tenpenny Tower.

You can also kill the Ghouls and report to the Cheif of Tenpenny tower, but you might want to make an extra save before doing that.
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mikeortiz410 answered:

Yes. You can either let the ghouls into tenpenny tower or just kill the 3 ghouls, the easiest is just kill the ghouls, because if ou killed tenpenny your going to get negative karma from this quest anyway. Because if you let the ghouls in your basically killing many innocent people or if you kill the ghouls your killing ghouls who just wanted to live in tenpenny tower, but just killing the ghouls is much faster
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boredguy9 answered:

If you convince all the key residents, which is like ten or so, to let the ghouls enter then kill Gustav at the front desk, the Ghouls will be allowed to enter without killing everyone in the tower.
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