Question from Logan_7646

Where is the Geck at in Vault 87?

Ok, i have dogmeant and jarico with me and we have eliminated a lot of super mutants, but i can't find the geck. Any help?

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ItzLim answered:

..You don't really need an answer for this considering I answered your other one... but anyways: if you free Fawkes she will retrieve the GECK for you. Or you could just go in there yourself, wearing one of the Advanced Radiation Suits found nearby and popping rad-away every half minute. The GECK is located in an (obviously) irradiated corridor, easily discernible by the greenish glow of the goo. Anyway, walk through until you pass by a doorway, open up the capsule and retrieve the GECK. And like Three Dog said: "Tick-tick-tickety means run your ass out of there."
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