Question from ViolentJ643

Were do I store my stuff?

I'm constantly overencumbered. I need somewhere to store some of my things.


lil_miss_muffet answered:

Either "My Megaton Home" or "My Tenpenny Suite" depending on if you blow up megaton
look up "Power of Atom" mission, do that and you'll get one of the house depending on what you choose
or you can find a nice deserted area to store items, i dont know any off the top of my head
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sanchienardos answered:

The footlocker at the foot of the navel cot (the one you're allowed to sleep on) is good. Any Nuka vending machine is safe also.
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KaiserSenel answered:

I personally never trusted anything outside of the Megaton house or Tenpenny suite. I made the mistake of using a Nuka Cola vending machine and lost a bunch of chinese assault rifles among other things. Just get one of the houses. You need 30 Explosives skill points for Megaton, and I think less than that for the Tenpenny suite (although Tenpenny's is out of the way. Megaton is a much more central location to everywhere in the game and less of a pain to actually get to your room).
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NinjaMaster7777 answered:

Any home you got
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