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Wasteland Survival Guide - Mirelurk bug. Can I still complete the quest?

I got to the part of the quest where you have to place the observer unit inside a mirelurk egg cluster. I got all the way to the eggs, and found that I didn't have the observer unit! I've looked through my inventory several times, and talked to Moira again, but still can't find the observer unit. I don't think I have a save file from before this part of the quest. Is there any way I can complete it?

N2O1138 provided additional details:

For some reason when I loaded the game up today, I had the observer! I'm positive I didn't even have the item before, but I'm glad it was just a temporary glitch

Accepted Answer

General_Kenobi2 answered:

Did you go to the Anchorage War Memorial like she requested? I don't think you can use any other egg cluster save for the ones in the Memorial. If that isn't the case, I'm not sure what else you could do.
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