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Rare weapons?

Can someone tell me where there are rare/good/special weapons are.


luckycharms8282 answered:

Once again, look up Orcidea on youtube. He tells you how to get every single weapon in the game.
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romana86 answered:

Well, some of the best weapons can't be had until you complete certain quests or experience random events.

For specifics, I recommend the Fallout 3 weapons page at the Fallout wikia. It has a list of all the game weapons and their stats. Keep in mind that not all rare/special weapons are good weapons, and how good the weapon is depends on the skills you've given your character.

For example, my character has a very high small guns skill and a very low big guns skill, so I do more damage with a silenced .44 than I do with a minigun.

So, if I were you I'd look for the best weapons in my preferred skill, not best weapons overall.

Also - some of the best/rare weapons have limited and/or difficult to find ammo, which also makes them less-than-ideal for long-term gameplay. Keep that in mind as well.
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zabboo1 answered:

Rare weapons:

Alien Blaster/ Firelance- The most useful ranged weapon in the game, found near the crashed alien ship, Firelance is found in a random encounter.

MIRV- This is THE MOST POWERFUL weapon in the game, I belive its damage is well over 1000. It is found in the Ranger Compound, and is very difficult to obtain. It is a shotgun version of the Fat Man, firing 8 mini nukes at once.
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FALLOUT3BOSS answered:

Its actually found in the national guard depot south of vault 108 or the robot repair center.
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Cyberslam8 answered:

Go to the FAQs section and look it up yourself. There are waaaaay too many rare and unique weapons in this game to list them here.
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