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Help getting dogmeat?

OK so when i first saved dogmeat i didnt know he was a tag along character, so he just went back to the vault. When i went back to vault 101 he is outside on the ridge just standing there barking. It wont allow me to talk to him or anythign, so how do i get him as an ally? i dont have any others with me?

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Virgin_Killer answered:

Well, it shouldn't matter if you have another character with you; you can have Dogmeat along with another "humanoid" companion (human, ghoul, etc.). Sounds like you might need to load a save prior to saving Dogmeat. This game and it's successor (New Vegas) are incredibly buggy; it's wise to have several saves going. I use 5 saves for each character as a general rule.
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AVirtualDuck answered:

You probably alienated him. He may stand there forever.

This happens with "Prosper" as well. He just chills at 101.
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