Question from FBZ428

After I enslave Flak?

How do I get Shrapnel to go back to Rivet City?He justs wanders the wasteland now,do I have to free Flak from Paradise Falls?

FBZ428 provided additional details:

I know I don't capture Shrapnel,did you even read the question?Shrapnel just wanders the wastelands now,I was wondering if I free Flak from Paradise Falls will they both go back to Rivet City?


greg589 answered:

I don't think either of them do, but there's nothing special about either of them so I suggest using other vendors.
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boi2251995 answered:

Yeah they both go back to Rivet City after you free Flak from Paradise Falls.
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arcinguy answered:

This glitch is caused by a bug in the games programming that dictates that flak and shrapnel sleep near each other, as a result shrapnel sometimes wanders the wasteland after enslaving flak. Once flak is freed however the glitch will correct istelf.
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xxx493x answered:

Well, just go and release Flak. It will take a high science skill to actually get pass(higher science skill=higher chanse). He will then make a slow walk to Rivet city, and Shrapnel will go back. I do noticed, however, that Flak may be bugged and will not talk after that...
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Ka-Shume answered:

I killed Flak and never encountered this issue. I don't know if that's 100% always the case, but it worked in my game.
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