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Karma effects?

Ok i read that if i have bad karma i could be atacked by people in towns so...with such a big contra what good is there for bad karma and what is better if i am good?

bellben_wolf provided additional details:

That all...a town would kill me (probably) and those are all the good thing about being bad?
i expected more from both karma sides


shadey_stranger answered:

I haven't gotten far with a bad character but I haven't been attacked in a town. But as a bad character you can get more stuff out of just killing people. They catch you stealing? Just pop them in the back of the head and get your stuff back.

As a good character people tend to give you more things I beleive. In Megaton, a chick always gave me stuff everyday.
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Quikie112 answered:

I have a bad char. When i arrived in Rivet City there where some contract killers. They want to kill me for what deeds i did. But when your bad your conservation with bad persons goes better then when you're good. You can hire other followers like Jericho in Megaton.
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TheGrimDoogle answered:

The two different extremes are pretty well balanced. Bad karma gives you free passage into Paradise Falls and slavers in town will give you extra items they find during raids much like people in Megaton will give good characters items. As for people trying to collect bounties on you. bad characters get hunted by the Regulators and Talon Company hunts good characters. Both of these groups can be a pain early on but you should eventually get strong enough to destroy anyone these two send against you.
For quests there are often different rewards depending on how you finish them but it's set that for some quests the evil characters get the better reward and other quests the good character get the better reward.
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