Question from jakeis1337

Fawkes is hostile?

I immediately fast traveled after raven rock before Fawkes had a chance to speak to me, hoping to come back for Fawkes after I picked up a couple other followers (I helped him in vault 87 and I have very good karma) but upon arrival (to raven rock) he starts shooting at me!
My only recent activity was killing dogmeat (pain in the ass with BS), and moving the corpse of gretta out of sight from the stairwell leading to underworld (neither of which occurred anywhere near Raven Rock).
Did I mess up or is this fixable?


sshina025 answered:

Sounds like you need to go back to before you left raven rock, this game is pretty ****ed up like that. Sorry
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jakeis1337 answered:

Went back after about a week and he was happy to see me. Problem solved... I guess.
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