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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best strategy for selling my items?

So I can get the most money from selling things like cartons of cigarettes?

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It all depends on your barter skill as its affects the store prices and how high you can sell and it is likely that most merchants if not all have a high barter skill so they basically steal from you. so in all try to raise the skill (bobbleheads and books) and you should be making a decent amount of caps by selling.

Rated: +1 / -0 basically comes down to your barter skill..and then the weight to caps amount ratio. Something I ended up doing to make a bunch of caps is picking up cartons of ciggs because they don't weigh much but they are worth a bunch. I also found that while this might not make you the MOST caps, it allows you to carry a bunch more stuff. When you pick up enemies weapons, use you repair skill, preferably high, and use some of the guns to repair other guns. For instance, I came to to time where I was picking up more than ten Assault Rifles amoung other weapons. Each isn't worth much, but if you repair each of them, you will have 2 or 3 really nice guns that you can sell for a high amount of caps. This allows you to bring much more to the shop each time you go, and this strat...I have way more caps than I would ever need.

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If you convince Moira to give up on the survival guide you not only get a discount but you also get paid more. If you get the twenty chinese asult rifles for the slaver you get a 20% discount. Also, buy any pre-war books, scrap metal, or high teck stuff, as they can be traded for much more than they're worth.

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