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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Motorcycle handbrake?

Hopping some one can tell me where i can find Motorcycle handbrake?

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From: yelodart 6 years ago

Behind the friendship station is a raidercamp. There is one in there

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at Springfield(?) Elementry, theres a destroyed Motorcycle by the dumpsters outside the school. If you look on the floor around it, you should find a Handbrake and a Gas Tank.

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South of tenpenny tower theres a train station and a little store with a robot guarding outside and a trader inside if you kill them both and go inside the store theres about 3 motorcycle handbrake and gas tanks as well as other goodies

Beware though you get negative karma for taking these items

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In a billion places all over the wasteland.

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There is a few in this building southwest of Tennepenny Tower. (east of the VERY bottom-left corner of the map)

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In each place where you have gas tank is also handbrake nearby.

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Just south of the nuka-cola plant ... on the main rd going towards the Jefferson memorial theres a raider camp on the right side of the embankment near an overpass. At about halfway thru the camp against the back fence / wall has table with about three gas tanks and 4 handbrakes.

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If you've done the first chapter of the wasteland survival guide, hop back to minefield (conveniently the location of the mine quest). There's a broken down motorbike quite close to the arrival point with the handbreak next to it.

note: There are many motorbikes that look in good health, you cannot get the handbrake from these. Look for the rusty ones and look nearby for it. You can't loot the actual bike (like you would a box for example).

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On the bridge of rivet city.

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Almost anywhere, you just have to actually look.

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All these answers are correct. If you haven't found one, you're not looking hard enough.

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well if you have been to GNR before i think you know right the tunnel with a lot of raider "outside" go there and find yourself a handbrake

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