Question from m24bm

Can i still do the peaceful solution in Tenpenny Tower?

If I umm... maybe sorta blew Tenpenny's head to smitheriens then tossed him off the balcony he was on? :p

DynastQueen asked for clarification:

I resolved the issue between the tenpenny residents and the Ghouls, but they still killed all the residents, after I left and came back. The worst part was there where no bodies, so I couldn't get the keys. I went to the basement, there were no bodies just blood.


KMartSecurity answered:

Sure, after you finish that quest. Then kill whoever you please afterwards.
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boredguy9 answered:

Once you get the mission from Roy, if you convince all the residents of Tenpenny Tower to talk to tenpenny about letting the ghouls stay, then all you have to do is kill Gustav at the front desk and then go back and talk to Roy and it will give you the option of saying you can move in, and then everyone gets to live, however, Danger does attack you when you kill Gustav as well as the other guards in the area, i simply killed all the guards shooting back, took their weapons and Danger's as well and after you exit and return he's not hostile anymore, so i only had to kill three gaurds and Gustav which was cool, no bad karma.
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