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Where can i find that Ian kid?

I can't find the Kid but the arefu dude said to look in some places but where exactly is he?

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Taulover918 answered:

You are looking for The Family, they are located in Northwest Seneca Station/ Meresti Trainyard. Both will lead you there. Once inside The Family's home in Meresti Metro station you must choose how to handle the situation. Once you do you can find Ian on the upper floor of the metro station in a locked room with a terminal out the front.
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Draco_Firecloud answered:

Ian is located in the Family's hideout. It's located in the NW Seneca Station. You can choose several different paths to getting him out. You can pass a speech attempt with a guy named Justin who will give you his location. You can intimidate the owner of the shop into telling you. Or you can convince Vance to let you see him. He's in a small room down the hallway towards the Meresti Metro exit. Once there, you can either convince Ian to come with you or let him stay with the Family. Either way you should deliver his sister's letter (obtained in the Megaton Bar) to complete that part of the quest.
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Shredzilla421 answered:

Like the other two guys you have to go to the Seneca Station. But when you get in there you run into a drug dealing junkie ghoul. Just ask him about the family and he will tell you where there at. In his little meth lab persay there is a back room with a little sewer type thing go in it and fight you way through the train tracks. FYI its rigged with several boobie traps from bear traps to mines to other things that are triggered. Eventually you will find a dude behind a wall of sandbags and he will talk to him. Eventually he will let you in and you go and find Vance and talk to him and then after that talk to Ian and get him to come with you. When you go back and tell Vance that Ian has chose to go home at the same time ask him what you have to do to convince him to leave the people of Arefu alone because as you know they dont like the family one bit. If you had a good convo with him he will just tell you that they will stop bothering them due to the fact of haveing an intelegent convo with you and if opens his eyes to how humans really can be like. After that return to Arefu and talk to the guard and your all good.
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