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How do I get the Lucky 8 Ball?

When the Mutants invaded Big town I had Timebomb revived and he died during the invasion. So is there any way to get the 8 ball now? I searched his corpse and he didn't have it. So does this mean I now have permanantly lost a significant item?

I kinda revived him before the attack.....

TCD3 provided additional details:

Well I never knew so I guess that there's no 8 ball for me. I guess I could always get the boblehead!!!


plyr1 answered:

Once he dies, no there is no way to get the Lucky 8 Ball. To get the ball you have to revive him, talk to him once, then talk to him again after the Mutant invasion and then he'll give it to you. It's best to revive him after the invasion, that way he won't die.
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