Question from cnunan09

Glitched "head of state" quest?

I am having trouble with the head of state quest. i have done everything right, except the main guy, (i dont remember is name) that i talk to, is out in the middle of no where glitched into a rock. i can talk to him, and i have completed the quest but he and the slaves never show up to the memorial to complete the quest (and yes is know i am supposed to wait about 6 hours, but it has been way longer than that). a friend of mine said this happened to him too, does anyone know how to fix this?


ikerulez7 answered:

this also happened to me. After going to do another quest then coming back and waiting again it worked
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Parad0x_Zer0 answered:

To be honest, this isn't much you can do to fix - for now, at least. The same thing happened to me. So I went and did other things for a few days. Eventually, they finally were inside the Lincoln Memorial like they were supposed to be, and I completed the quest then.

In short: Just leave and check back once in a while. It fixes itself eventually.
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