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Disappearing (carried) Inventory: Mini Nukes?

I just noticed i have 8 nukes left from a previous 24 in my characters inventory. I don't do anything with them once they're in my inventory. I have read Smiling Jack may steal things from you. I loaded a save right before my interaction with him, and then loaded one that was about 3 real hrs later. Sure enough, I only have 3 left. (I have collected 5 since then I guess). At the time of his death, i searched his body and locker. I chose the strategy where u kill him and get your stuff back. I didnt notice any of my nukes in his stash at the time. I've gone back to search when i discovered this travesty 20+ hrs later. Still nothing. I am freaking out about this. Nukes aint cheap! And they're frikkin rare! Has this happened to anyone else??

Razer1313 asked for clarification:

Who the hell is smileing jack??


54zerogamer54 answered:

This may have bin a glitch so i think uve lost 'em ffor good
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Cena44 answered:

I've had glitches like this only its on a dead character. Sometimes it happens like if I search a body it will say soemthing like Chinese Assualt Rifle x2 or even x5 on one person. Then I click on it and only get one and the rest dissapear. So yes I would say this is a glitch and as far as I know you can't get them back. Sorry about the trouble, and good luck.
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