Question from Hooly10

After getting to level 20 (no DLC), will all the xp I earn after be wasted?

I don't want to waste xp without leveling up and if I get Broken Steel it will be hell of a lot harder to get to 30 with all the quests xp used on nothing


RequiredPanda answered:

Unfortunately, this is the case all XP you earned before you get the Broken Steel DLC will be wasted, but... The Broken Steel does add a few quests after you finish the main story line. Yes you can continue the game after the main story line ends. (Unless you choose the evilest ending) I think it adds four story quests and 4 free form quests. Nether the less these quest's should net you in enough XP from killing and completing the quest line to get you to level 26-28.
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