Question from MTG2786

Small Gun's,Bug Gun's,Energy Weapon's build?

What should my S.P.E.C.I.A.L look like,what should i tag,what should i focus on distributing my point's in,what perk's should i choose


RequiredPanda answered:

Here's what S.P.E.C.A.L you should do. Strength: 9 Perception: 5 Endurance: 4 Charisma: 1 Intelligence: 9 Agility: 5 or 6 Luck: 5 or 6

Here's what your TAG should be Small Guns, Lock Pick/and or Science, and/or energy weapons.

Point Distributions: Mainly get Small Guns 90, Medicine 90, Lock pick 90, Science 90, Energy Weapons 80-90, Then the rest is up to you. Also you should get the bobble-heads for the skills I put above to get a hundred.

Perks: This is purely your choice... But, I recommend Black Widow( must be playing as a female), Grim Reapers Sprint, Finesse/ and or Action Boy, Intense Training to Luck/ or Agility, and Better Critical's.
The rest of the perks are up to you.
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