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Ok so I'm in vault 87 doing picking up the trail. I find fawkes and he tells me to go and trip some bloody wire but I use the terminal to get him out. When he got out I took his super sledge and repeadedly hit him with it, he turn hostile and I reload a save. When I do the same thing I open all the test chambers and when I go to fawkes his weapon has duplicated. So he has 2 fawkes super sledge and I took them both. Anyone now how that even happened??

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zabboo1 answered:

Bethesda Softworks is known for its buggy games. This is one of the bugs. You just got 2 powerful super sledges, so I wouldn't be complaining how it was happening. IF anything, this was good luck.
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LazarusOfDeath answered:

just go with it XD prolly wont happen again lol
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captinkickass answered:

Why whine about it so you got to good wepons so
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