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Where can I find Crowley after i give him the keys ? minor spoilers i guess..

I've read that after you give Crowley the keys from "You've got to shoot em in the head he can be found in the bomb shelter
i cant find him anywhere the only place i havent looked is in the door with a sentry bot behind it that requires the key off tara fields body in the bottom of the t-1B5 bunker which i cant get to because crowley has the keys for the doors. is there any other way to find crowley and get his keys without reloading a save ?

archangel242 provided additional details:

where i am now is two DLC's and at least 10 levels later.


Tommywx answered:

Well he is most likely to be killed on the way since that area is surrounded by mr gutsys and yao gui so if I was you, reload a save before you give him the last key and kill/pickpocket him for the keys
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