Question from Tommywx

Asked: 3 years ago

Random Encounter?

Ok so iv seen this random encounter about 20 times through gameplays and its when there's about 6 raiders around 1 naked one and their beating him but he doesent die and then I kill them all. Why is that? Why are they beating a naked raider its pointlessly funny but c'mon

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From: ChrisZewski 3 years ago

I thinks its an initiation for the member in his underwear. He's being "beat in"

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I think it's a glitch or an Easter egg, I've played the game 3 times completely and never saw this

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It's an initiation ceremony. They are "toughening him up" for the wasteland by tenderizing him. Sadly, if you approach these raiders all will become hostile and you will be forced to kill them. So just stand back and watch.

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Well its oivios the naked raider tried to bang anothetr raider so they all attack him

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