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Weapon matinence?..."children"! ~3dog~ question is what if any of the regular guns repairs these ones: Metal Blaster(the pitt ingot prize), Microwave Emitter(Pt. lookout find), and can guass rifles be fixed by lesser energy weopns or just another gauss riffle only. so far i use plasma rifles to repair the A3-21's plasma rifle...hunting rifles on the lincoln repeater. combat shotgun on terrible shot gun, assault rifles work well on infiltrators for's for "eugene" and I still havent used the other uniquw weopins from the add on packs some of the little ones but the microwave emmiter and metal blaster???are they like the alien blaster and only repairable by vendor/shopkeeps? people?

WayssstLandah provided additional details:

I discovered the Metal Blaster the wicked gun you get in the Pitt for bringing in over 50 steel ingots or something CAN be repaired w/ ordinary Laser that is that now.


ChrisZewski answered:

AFAIK the Microwave emitter and Gauss Rifle can only be repaired by merchants.

If you have the Mothership Zeta add-on, you can use Alien Epoxy to repair them, once you obtain them on the ship, anyway.

It is, however, possible to obtain a Gauss Rifle with insanely high item HP that you will (likely) never have to repair. Just google "Gary 23 Glitch"
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