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Unmarked sidequests perhaps?

I stumbled into these 2 locations but it seems they had more backstory to them....are there tasks and sub-plots to these to locations: Hubris Comics and Fort Banister? I just dove in and killed the crazy comics guy w/ the minigun and tried to start the printing press b/c it was an option( though it's jammed and just fumes smoke when I did) but was there some storyline and second when I stumbled upon fort banister the talon merch HQ I busted in slaughtered all the mercs and the specif named Commander of the talon company and everything was there any diologe or objective I wonder to such a detailed set-up like Ft Banister though and unlike when I slaughered all slavers at Lincoln Memorial and every one of them at paradise falls (leaving no trace of them in the game anymore) the Talon Company continues to resurface hunting me and respawn when I revisit Ft Banister even though I killed them all and the Commander! another puzzle to me. when I killed everyone at Evergreen Mills they never return to that location although fiends tend to respawn in the wheton armory, bethesda ruins and fairfax ruins upon return that's another matter though what are some of the unmarked sub quests I keep seemingly mucking up by waltzing in and wasting everybody...not like the characters give you much choice as if there was something I should of done to perhaps have diologe and plotlines....well Hubris and Ft Banister for starters anyway but any input on the little subplots for Fallout 3 Xbox would be real cool of y'all to hip me to! thanks.


ChrisZewski answered:

Hubris is involved in the "Sealing Independence" marked quest depending on some of your choices.

Talon co. will continue to hunt you as long as your karma is "Good" to "Very Good"... Some talon encampments will respawn enemies every 73 hours. There is no way to completely wipe them out like the slavers.

I would suggest checking out the fallout 3 wiki for detailed info on what you may be missing/messing up.
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