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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve (Spreading the word about the Pitt)?

Werhner always ends his repetitve coversation after you free them and complete the Pitt add-on w/ spread the word about the Pitt they could use more people. How do I spread the word...I tried to see if Three dog was the way but returning to him had no new conversation options and I wonder if it's something you can really do? Is it possible and How, to who, or where do you spread the word about the Pitt as he requests every interaction once you "own" the Pitt...returning to convert ammo and bring the baby teddy bears...he asks every time you speak to him in two different ways of putting it every alternate repeat interaction dialouge? please clue me in. Thanks

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Its a figure os speech. It doesent matter if you talked to every person in the wasteland. Its just a line.

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