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Asked: 6 years ago

Selling expensive weapons?

My barter level is 100 and i have some laser rifles and the gatling laser guns. These items are worth a lot of caps and i want to sell them but who has enough caps to buy them...500 or more caps

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You can buy things from them to increase the number of caps they have. You could basically trade your weapons for schematics or things for your house.

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Try going to Tenpenny Tower there are several traders there that carry alot of caps or Moira (craterside cupply in megaton), also you can go to doctors and buy stimpaks then sell your items so you get rid of your weapons and in return you dont get alot of caps but you wind up with valuable stimpaks

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Just buy rare ammo and stuff, you'll get more than enough money over the course of the game (I've got 20,000+)

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The best place to start is at Flak&Shrapnels. They'll have a good amount of caps and plenty of ammo for sale.

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