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How do you turn on the power to the generator in little lamplight?

Im trying to figure out how to get to vault 87 and i know you have to go through that door but i need to turn the power on, hack the computer and hike down there.


HAYEDERSAL answered:

In order to go that route you need to go to Paradise falls first
and free the Slaves there INK. the little lamp light kids then go back to
little lamp light and speak to Mcready about Joseph about that terimal to get in to
Vault 87 The two quests aer called Rescue from paradise and finding the Garden of Eden
A.K.A. finding the G.E.C.K.
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Yeahsoooo answered:

There are two ways to get into Lamplight you can either get the "Child at Heart" perk or you can free the slaves from Paradise Falls (Perk is better). You don't have to ask anyone but you do have to have a science skill of 100 to hack into the terminal in order to open to door. The door is in the Great Chamber (not sure where in there I get lost:(.). I have played and beaten the game several times and each time I go threw Murder Pass or something like that. Also don't listen to people or say you can't continue to play after beaten the game. You can you just have to have the highest KARMA!!!
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