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Dead Three Dog??? (Glitch???)

Okay, so I have a problem. I'm assuming it's a glitch but I haven't seen anything else ANYWHERE on the internet about this specific problem.

Sitting around playing Fallout 3, had skipped over going to GNR before Rivet City. Talked to Doctor Li while there and thus skipped over Three Dog's part in looking for Dad. Now on the quest Scientific Pursuit (of course.) But went to the GNR building finally anyway. Got let in, asked people where Three Dog was (they all said upstairs like usual), went upstairs... then couldn't find Three Dog anywhere! Finally noticed his body just kind of laying in the middle of the floor up near the staircase! He didn't have any wounds like most dead bodies would, so I can't even tell why he's dead.

Is this a glitch that has happened to anyone before? Does anyone know what happened to him or anything?

Other than the fact that on this specific run through of the game (one of many I've done before) the GNR quest didn't happen... but that's all this really changes, other than the annoying assistant that took over and now whines about him getting murdered between all of the song stuff.

If anyone can answer what happened/why/whether or not this has ever happened to someone else/etc., it'd make me really happy. I'm so confused right now about his death.


zabboo1 answered:

Maybe he had a heart attack, or tripped. Either way, he is not an important character outside of his quest, so his lovely assistant Margaret will take over and make snide comments about his death on the radio. I suggest you drag him to his bed and drop a .32 pistol to make it look like suicide.
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