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Fallout 3 Role playing ideas, anyone?

I have beaten the game 4 times and i am half way through another but i just want to play around instead of doing missions.
One that i have already done is being a pre-war soldier, but i want some thing new. when you reply post the idead like this...

Roleplay: Pre-war soldier
Race: Any
Appearance: Sarge hair
Clothing: Pre-war prototype medic armor, Power helmate, (But any pre war clothing when at home like megaton or tenpenny tower)
Weaponry: Anything (since most weapons are Pre-war)
Housing theme: Pre-war theme
Karma: Neutral, good or very good


captinkickass answered:

If you have the mecanist costum pretend to be a cyborg if you have the combat armor(or the ranger armor) you can be the last of the old american army who has been held captive in a vault trying to agust to the new world
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captinkickass answered:

When you are the scyborg you can only use laser or plasma wepons
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Redheresy92 answered:

Roleplay: Retired bounty hunter, hatred towards raiders after killing his family
Race: Hispanic

Appearance: Waster, Rough beard

Clothing: Leather Armor, Storm Hat (think that's what it was called)

Weaponry: Combat Shotgun, Hunting Rifle (scape and silencer mods) 44. Magnum

Housing theme: Vault

Karma: Neutral
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