Question from superj14

How do i learn to build guns?

I can't figure out how to do the work bench.


insanemonkey2 answered:

First you have to get a schematic. This will give you the instructions on how to build a custom weapon. You have to collect the parts that the schematic says to. Once you have all the parts, go to a work bench and activate it. Select the weapon from the list and press A.
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godofwar64 answered:

And to add to insanemonkey2's reply i suggest having a high repair skill. it will make your items be in better shape when you make them..not only that but the item will do more damage..
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stxnoobkiller answered:

To start building a weapon , you'll need the schematic for the weapon you'll would like to build . After finding a[whatever one you were looking ] schematic , you need to start looking in the wastland for the things you need for the schematic [ says in notes] For a example: you need a crutch just go to Rivet City Bow , in the room pinkerton is in [ most of the things you need for schematics are in that room pinkerton is in.]
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brain3d answered:

Also for most weapons there are 3 schematics each. For Bottlecap mines and Nuka Granades this gives you 3 of each and Increases The starting weapon condition of the other weapons.
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