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Asked: 2 years ago

What is the strongest laser or plasma wepom?

I don't have pc or any add on I alredy have the alien blaster

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For plasma i would say A3-21's plasma rifle, and for lazer i would say the lazer mini gun.

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I don't completely understand your question, so I'll answer it in multiple ways:

If you're referring to energy weapons:
The Alien Blaster is the most powerful energy weapon you can get without any add-ons. However, due to it's lack of ammo I would suggest getting A3-21's Plasma Rifle, as it uses MF cells and still deals a fairly high amount of damage.

If you're referring to literally anything that shoots lasers or plasma:
Use Vengeance (unique Gatling Laser), it's damage and fire rate are both insane, however it is very expensive to maintain and it counts as a big gun not an energy weapon.

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