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Where do I find the source of 'The Fire-Ants' on the quest "THOSE!"?

I've told the kid his 'papa' is dead, and I've killed 'The Fire-Ants' in the streets and in the tunnels. Bottom line is: where is the hive or whatever it's called!!! >: 0


SSJRedWolf answered:

Ok, I don't really get where you are lost so I'll just give you the full info:
First, go to the Scientist's house, it's a shack next to the kid's house; once there, grab his password from the table and go on his terminal. Read the info on the terminal until you get to a part where it says he's gone to a different location; this location will appear on your map.
Go to the metro tunnels and explore until you get to a room in which the scientist is. He eventually tells you to kill the ant queen's guards, go to the queen's lair and kill the guards, then go back to the scientist and tell him you've killed the guards.
From there, you caqn choose to find the kid a home or not.
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W00tness1 answered:

You don't even have to go in the shack really. I didn't at least. Just search around for the metro tunnels and talk to the scientist. After doing everything he asks you will get a nice little perk.
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