Question from hunter1458

How in the hell do you activate Anchorage missison?

Is there anything specaial that you have to in order to start it? anybody?


DarkMuffin007 answered:

Just wait for awhile (1-5min?) and you'll get a new broadcast.
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jackarsnel answered:

Just run around for a bit until you get a new radio broadcast about the outcast needing help and it gives you a new quest.
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TheGrimDoogle answered:

Don't forget the automatic update after you've downloaded the content. When you first start the game, if you're signed into Xbox Live, a screen should ask you if you want download a new update or something like that. If you don't do it you will never get the radio signal
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JimmyDude34 answered:

IF you used the disc to get the DLC then simply wait a day or two (in game of course) and you will get a outcast radio signal and a map marker leading you there. IF you got if off of Xbox live then do as TheGrimDoogle says and see if theres a update or something like that.
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fallout3maniac answered:

U wait around a few minutes until u get a broadcast then u travel to outcast outpost.
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