Question from MaGiikz

Asked: 6 years ago

Cant find my robot?

I was just wondering if any one new were the robot is. it sent it away and it said it was setting up base in Canturbury Cannons.. i went there and cant find it.

can someone help

Additional details - 6 years ago

I have waited but it still didnt turn up. i just thought it was around somewere

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It might have died along the way. Try just waiting for a couple days in Canterbury Commons.

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Also i sent him away just before getting captured by the enclave..

would that have anything to do with it???

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i was told that he is not worth it that he bugs up and freezes when youtake him into certain random areas and he will permenently ruin that save. Unknown whether this is tru ifo or not as i dont use any followers

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